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Learn about our furniture grade barrels and how to get your hands on one!

Barrels for Brewing: If you are looking for freshly dumped barrels that can be refilled, please look for information HERE.

Whiskey Barrels


We consistently get new shipments of barrels from all around the country in a wide range of conditions. Most of our barrels are “twice used”, meaning they were used to make bourbon, and then used a second time by a brewery to make barrel-aged beer. This process adds the flavor and character of the bourbon and barrel to the beer. After this, these barrels have no more life in the food or beverage industry, so they head to us to be repurposed.

Wine Barrels


Wine barrels also cannot be refilled again, but they are in beautiful condition. These are wider across the top and wider around than whiskey barrels.

Barrel Parts

Heads-$10, Staves-$2

Barrel parts are almost always available for individual purchase, including barrel heads, staves, and rings. Heads are taken fresh off the barrels, and are only held together tongue and grove. They will separate until you take the time to glue each piece or put a backing on it. Staves are a variety of sizes depending on the unique barrel they came off of.

Pickup Process

It's super easy. No appointment needed, but we want to know you're coming! We almost always have items in stock


Find Us

You already did this step. We know we have the best barrels and fairest prices in Chicagoland, so there is no need to keep looking!

If you want to come to our barn location...keep reading on to step 2! Or, you can find barrels as well as lots of products at our two retail locations, Sadie's on Main in Downtown Elburn and The Vintage Marketplace in North Aurora.


Reach Out

We like to schedule all barrel pick ups in advance. This is so we know who is coming and so that we can confirm we have enough barrels in stock each week.

Facebook, phone, email, and this website are all great ways to contact us.


Come See us!

All pick ups happen at The Farm on Saturdays from 9am-12pm. We will send you the address after arranging pick up!

Payment can be done several ways. We accept Cash, Credit, and Venmo at time of pickup or you can PREPAY HERE and show receipt at time of pickup.


Take a look at all of our barrel inspired products.

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